Funimascot has made a list of the best promotional products to work with your mascot.

Some of the products we offer:
  • Small soft-toy replicas of your mascot
  • Magnets with the image or replica of your mascot
  • Key-rings with the image or replica of your mascot
  • E.t.c
Our products are manufactured by companies that respect workers’ rights and follow quality standards N71, CE, ASTM F963.Make your mascot into Merchandising. Exact replicas of your publicity mascot in soft-toys of different sizes. Manufacture your mascot with us, and we’ll help you with merchandising as a promotional tool to complement your campaign or marketing efforts.
Funimascot, Plush Toys

These are some of our customers:Funimascot & Acuario de Sevilla Funimascot & Club Baloncesto Marbella Logo Ilunion Funimascot & Loops and Coffee Logo Lacasa Funimascot & Pola Park Santa Pola Funimascot & Fundación Jóvenes y Deporte Extremadura Funimascot & Tabuenca School

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